Tuesday, June 18, 2013


My first time in the swimming pool.

yay!   we get to go swimming today.   i am very excited but at the same time i am worried.   Mrs Tui split us into groups so she said the year 8 can stand outside the pool and watch us and the year 7 can go in.  we went inside the pool it was nice and warm we had to swim to the other side then Mrs Tui puted all of us in numbers i was number 10.  Mrs Tui told us to streamline across to the other side when she called any number at a time.  We had free time and went out and got changed.                                   

Friday, June 14, 2013

My Maths Problems

I am learning to use doubling and halving in my difficult problem.




My description of MySelf

I am short and have beautiful   brown eyes ,I have short straight  black hair.  I am a medium build boy and I am fast.  I like to play rugby with my friends.   I like to play games with my cousin, i would like to travel around the world.

My Description of my mother

My mother has black hair. My mother has beautiful brown eyes.  She is kind of roundish. My mother is a little bit tall.  My mother has long beautiful hair . My mother is beautiful.

My mother likes to cook alot.  She is very humble.  I know because she lets others have a chance to talk.  My mother like to read.  my mother can drive.  my mother likes to eat.

When my mother laughs then that means she is happy.  when i am naughty my mother would be very sad, but if i get smart to her she will get really angry.

My mother may get angry but i know she always love me.  No one I mean no one in this world can take her away from me.  that why I love my mum.