Friday, June 22, 2012

Howick Historical Village

On a nice fine day the seniors  went to the Howick Historical Village.  As we  were on the bus we were all very excited. After our long drive we arrived at the historical village,  we had something to eat and then we started our first activity.

Our first activity was going to an big old house from the 1800’s, as we were walking towards the strange looking house, there was a lady standing with a little funny hat and was wearing a dress that looked like a blanket.
This lady wearing the funny clothes welcomed us inside, her name was Mrs Dodds. Mrs Dodds took us inside the big house and taught us games that were played in the 1800’s.

The first game she showed us was a game using a piece of rope, we had to stand in two lines and then we had to put the rope over our bodies.The team who gets through their whole team first wins the game, unfortunately I was in the losing team but we all tried our best.The next game we played was a hard game, in this game we had to pass a small cotton ball to our team without using our hands or our feet.The last game we played was a fun game it was called squeak piggy squeak, in this game we had to sit in a circle someone had to stand in the middle while Mrs Dodds turns them around and that person who was blind folded  had  to  sit on the pillow, and figure out who was squealing like a little pig. If the person got it wrong 3 times they were out.
After our games we got to look around the house and I saw a lot of nice ancient things.

Then we went to our next activity we had to go to school in the 1800’s. As we were walking towards the teacher she was holding a small cane on her right hand, at this time I was very scared.
Mrs Mills welcomed us and told us the rules, we were only allowed to talk when Mrs Mills asked us a question, If we talked then we will get whipped on the hand. Children were not allowed to write with their left hand, if they did the teacher would tie their hand behind their back.

For our next activity we had to make, go- karts. Mrs White  split us in  4 groups in my group I had Samiu, Julia, Sazkia, Delany and Lezabell.We didn't come first but Mrs Moodley said that we had good teamwork. Then when we finished we got to ride on our Go Kart and we all had fun.  Then after that we had to put back everything. We said ohh I didn’t want this to be finished because it was heaps of fun.

After lunch we went to our next activity we went on a tour around the Village with the teacher in charge named Mrs Logan. I was with Mrs Moodley . We went to look for  a scavenger hunt to see if we could see what was  in the past to now. We got some wrong and right but it was really fun and exciting . This was the end of our day in the 1800s  and it was time to go back to the present. After a long day I fell asleep on Ascot's lap in the bus and woke up when we had arrived at school. We all hopped off the bus and said thank you to the bus driver and we walked to our classroom. We were all exhausted  so some had a lie down in class before the bell rang for hometime.



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  1. Nice work son, keep it up and lets see more lovely work posted up.