Friday, October 31, 2014

Why is Home special to me

Why Is My Home Special To Me.

Opening Statement-My home is so special to me because it gives me shelter and protection.

Body-Home is comfortable and my house is a place when I am sad or lonely I can just go into a quiet area and just sit and think to myself what I have done wrong. My home is like my friend to me. It protects me. Home; home keeps my memories and it is special to me because my family is there.

When I am at home, I feel surrounded by an atmosphere of love and comfort. My home gives me the peace of mind I need, so that I can face the tasks before me with calmness, patience, and focus.

Home is a place where you learn to laugh , live , love and to forgive. Home is where you can spend life with who makes you happy not who makes you impress. That is the price you pay for richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place that one place is what we call home.   

Conclusion-I love the way my house looks and how it feels. My house is a shrine to my house. There's alot of sunsets next to my bedroom door and floor. Homes are special to everyone, so respect your home and environment. Without a home we wouldn't feel the protection and love we feel today.  

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  1. Nice Viliami, I like the way you talk about home is the place to learn how to laugh live and love. Good Job