Monday, September 26, 2011

Punchiello story

Once they were wemmicks, some were fast tall or slow. People get Grey spots or gold stars. Punchinello went with the other wemmicks that had grey spot because he only got grey spots, he felt much better with them. Punhinello met Lucia who had no stickers. “How do I be like you” asked Punchinello. “Go and find out your self” Punchinello said. Lucia went to Eli . He was large and Punchinello felt nervous so he turn around and went but, Eli said Punchinello’s name. Eli said "I made you". "People always give me spots. I don’t like the spots. How do i get rid of it?" said Punchniello. "Come and see me everyday I will tell you how much I love you" said Eli. Punchniello left then one spot came off him because he knew how much Eli loved him.

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